Sesame Products

Sesame Products

To make tahini, sesame seeds are softened and ground due to the applied pressure without any special chemical processing. therefore, all the properties of sesame are preserved, and it can be claimed that all the wonderful properties of sesame are also present in tahini.

 It can be emphasis that no chemical or non-chemical additives are used in the preparation of tahini.

tahini is full of magical properties for the body, among these properties, we can mention the treatment of depression, weight loss, elimination of anemia, strengthening and treatment of sexual power and general weakness, etc.

we produce tahini, sesame halva and suger halva in different packaging.

sesame halva and suger halva, like sesame seeds, are a very good source of copper, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, in such a way that consuming only 1  tablespoon of them provides a significant amount of nutrients needed by the body on a daily basis.

these nutritious products are mostly used as breakfast.

Sugary Halva

Tahini Halva


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