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Innovation in health-oriented and nutritious breakfast products is the advantageous of our products.

Due to the love of producing new products, the variety of breakfast creams continues to increase.

All production processes, from roasting and peeling to buttering of nuts, are carried out with the most modern machinery, which is the reason for 100% control of all production stages.

sesame cream is a tasty and nutritious product that is obtained from the combination of high-quality flour and dry milk, sugar, nuts or cocoa powder or fruit flavorings.

To make tahini, sesame seeds are softened and ground due to the applied pressure without any special chemical processing. therefore, all the properties of sesame are preserved, and it can be claimed that all the wonderful properties of sesame are also present in sesame cream.

Actually, the difference between tahini and sesame cream is in the additives that make its texture thicker and remove its sour taste.

This difference in taste and texture makes the product more pleasant for everyone and especially for children.

Children and teenagers in the growing age, by consuming this tonic product, provide essential substances to their body.

Nutrients of sesame cream are not only limited to sesame, and  addition of nuts (pistachio, hazelnut or peanuts) to the sesame cream doubles the unique properties of this product.

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