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Greenhouse nylon is a cover made of single-layer, two-layer, three-layer, etc. wide plastic. These coatings have various additives that remain stable in all weather conditions. The best greenhouse nylon  is durable and thick enough to resist wind and tearing. Various raw materials are used in the preparation of nylon.

Greenhouse nylon is usually produced in thicknesses between 150 and 220 microns, the length of arches is 50 meters and it can be supplied in widths of 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 meters.

Single-layer plastics have a thickness of about 50 microns and are not often used for greenhouses. Double-layer plastics are made by stacking two layers of single-layer nylon, the first layer is 50 microns and the second  one is 150 microns, with air between them, and is usually used for pilot greenhouses. Three-layer plastic consists of three layers of single-layer nylon, the inner layer that is adjacent to the air inside the greenhouse must have an anti-fog additive so that the dew from condensation does not block the passage of light. The middle layer acts like insulation and because there is air on both sides, it has EVA and flexible properties. The outer layer, which is directly exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and cold or hot air outside, has Anti UV properties. Three-layer plastic has a thickness of 200 to 220 microns.

Advantages of using nylon to cover the greenhouse:

  • High quality in uniform coverage of the greenhouse surface
  • Protection of heat and humidity inside the greenhouse
  • Economical and affordable
  • Reducing pests, environmental stress and the use of pesticides
  • Increasing product efficiency
  • Ease of installation and implementation
  • Protection of products against sun harmful rays
  • Resistant and flexible
  • Various widths and thicknesses
  • Has a warranty

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