Polypropylene Stretch Film

Polypropylene Stretch Film

Cellophane Roll

Polypropylene film (cellophane role) is prepared from the combination of granules with other additives using the BLOW FILM method. We can produce films from 4 to 80 cm wide.


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Cellophane rolls are produced in the form of double-layers, single-layer, double-sided, which are used to prepare envelopes, sheets, printed cellophane, or used in raw form for packaging various items or transparent tablecloths.

Features of cellophane

  • high transparency during packaging and visibility of the product
  • Durable sew ability
  • Very high resistance to heat

Clear Plastic Bag

After producing the polypropylene film in different widths and standard thickness or custom thickness, bags or sheets in different sizes are produced for packaging. Simple bags use in various industries for packaging such as food industry, confectionery, bakery, disposable dishes, clothes, shoes and industrial parts packaging (car accessories, electronic appliances, household appliances, stationery, etc.)). Standard sizes with normal thickness are as follows.

Plastic Bag size

There is also the ability to produce different sizes and thickness up to 150 microns according to customer needs

Mushroom Spawn Growing Bag

With the increasing expansion of greenhouse cultivation, the use of sterile bags for mushroom cultivation accelerates its production.

This product is mostly used in the Asian continent and in environments where filter bags are not available or are very expensive.

Usually, these bags with a width of 15 to 17 cm and a length of about 30 cm are filled with wet seed and sawdust. The advantage of using this bag is its cheapness.

Bags without filters are available, too. Also, there is the ability to produce customized products with filters in different sizes.

Self Adhesive Clear Bag

The adhesive bag is produced using polypropylene film.

these bags are produced in 7 to 40 cm wide depending on the customer’s requirement. It is used for packaging textiles, electronic components, restaurant packaging, stationery, etc.

Bag with Punch Hole

  The punched bag is made fully automatically from the propylene film. Punched bag is used for packing summer foods such as eggplant, sweet pepper, lettuce, celery, etc. This product is widely used in the process of packing agricultural products for export.

 Stylish and suitable packaging are the advantages of Punched bag. This type of packaging keeps agricultural products fresh by preventing the passage of air and perspiration.

This product is delivered plain or printed with the customer’s desired brand.

Zipper Line Bag

Any type of packaging that has a zipper installed on it and can be used to open and close the package easily is called a zip-lock, which has many types with different uses. Two types of zip-lock are produced:

  • Normal: it should be opened and closed by using hands and pressing both sides of the nylon.
  • Slider: more advanced example of a regular zip-lock is a slider that is much easier to open and close using the handle intended for it.

Bag zippers can be used in any type of plastic packaging or envelope upon customer request. The most common use of zip-locks is in clear plastic bags that can be found in most kitchens.

The products that are produced with zippers are for various needs, therefore it is possible to produce them even in the smallest dimensions, i.e. 4×3, or the largest dimensions, i.e. 30×50.

Flower Packing Sleeves

One of the uses of polypropylene film is for flower packaging, which is used for seasonal flowers due to its reasonable price. In order to reduce the costs of greenhouse owners, a trapezoidal bag of pp film has been produced, which is economical due to the price difference with opp film.

This product is produced according to the customer’s order in different sizes for packing flowers and vases. Our collection has the ability to print the manufacturer’s brand in 4 colors on cellophane.

Slider Bag

Plastic slider bag is an inexpensive flexible rectangular storage bag, usually transparent, made of polyethylene. They are excellent for storing, displaying, and protecting all types of products, especially those that need to be accessed multiple times. The slide seal closure is simple to use because it features a precision slider closing mechanism that creates a secure seal the first time, every time, even when working with gloved hands.

Table Clothe

Transparent tablecloths are produced using simple and printed pp film with a width of 110 and 12 meters, which are perforated at a distance of one meter. These tablecloths do not contain carbonate and can be used several times. This product produced based on costumer requirement in 120, 140 and 160 widths in the form of rolls and sheets.

Autoclave Biohazard Bag

  All infectious and harmful wastes from hospitals, health care centers, medical diagnosis laboratories and other similar centers, due to the high level of at least one dangerous property such as toxicity and pathogenic, require special care in destruction method.

In order to destroy in the autoclave method, a fireproof garbage bag is used. the tolerance and sewing type of the bag is important  factors in the product quality.

In the chemical elimination method, thickness, elasticity and sewability are important factors in the quality of bags.our product comply all of critical impact factor in producing inflammable bags.

The standard sizes of inflammable bags are 70×50, 60×40, 100×80 and 120×80 in standard black and golden orange colors with wide stitching. Also, this product can be produced in other dimensions depending on the customer’s order

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