Samanu, as a complete,healthy and nutritious snack, is prepared only from wheat sprout extract and wheat flour. It can be said that Samanu is the best product of wheat and a nutraceutical food in the wise food culture of Persian language countries.

The use of Samanu has its roots in recognizing the extraordinary value of sprouts and its therapeutic properties for thousands of years in this lands.

Javaneh Fard Samanu, is prepared and presented to you out of love and with great efforts, observing all the principles and above the standards, completely natural and does not contain any chemical preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or dyes.

The sweet taste of Samanu is the result of the conversion of a part of starch in wheat flour into simple and natural sugars by wheat sprout enzymes (polysaccharidases).

Other Characteristics

Grain SnacksType
BakedProcessing Type
Standard license from ISIRI, Product license from IFDA, Iso 22000:2018, Iso 9001:2015, HACCP MS 2012, HALAL certificateCertification
Sprouted wheat extract and flourcontent
1 yearShelf life
Creamy and smoothForm
After meal desert and snacktype
Classic and almondFlavors
all group of people specially for athletes, children, or breastfeeding mothersuse

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