Solar Power

Solar Power Plant Structures

  • Resistance of structures against corrosion, rust, twisting and bending.
  • All steel sections, studs and corners are made of hot dip galvanized iron with grade ST37 or ST52.
  • After the manufacturing stage, all steel sections are hot-dip galvanized (at least 80 microns thick) according to ASTM 123 or ISIRI 2478 standards.
  • All connections (bolts and nuts) are galvanized according to A153 and A325 standards.
  • All connections (bolts and nuts), two flat washers, one galvanized spring washer, and enough spare parts are packed in separate shipments.
  • The method of stabilizing and bracing the panels at the installation site is such that it is resistant to wind and weather factors according to the conditions of the region.

Other Steel Structures